19 novembro 2010

My new psp games

I'm soo happy, I've got really cool games for my psp that I was really hoping to get for some time ^^ here they are:

Persona 3 Portable

I'm playing this game right now. I really love this game! I'm so hooked up on it. The storyline is so dark and mysterious, the background music is very mature and cool, and the battles are very cool too. Aside from the battles, you can do almost anything, like meeting new ppl, get closer to them, study, sleep, going to a movie, going to school, even going to the bathroom.

Kingdom Hearts - birth by sleep -special edition-

I think I'll play this one next!

Ys Seven -Premium Edition-

I played Y's Oath in Felgana and I really liked the game. This one seems even better ^^

Phantasy Star 2 Portable

The 1st one was pretty cool, and this one seems a lot better. I really liked the new clothes that we can choose on this game ^^;

Hexyz Force

The graphics are soo cute x3

Half-Minute Hero

It's a funny game. A Parody for the Japanese RPGs

In my wish list:
- Brave Story : New Traveler (I find this game so rare ;_;)
- Crimson Gem Saga (This game is soooo well done!! o.o)

What do you think about this two? I think they're really good ^^ give me your opinion

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