16 junho 2010

Perfume New Single

This isn't new, but I have to write about it. ;P
Since her 3rd album Triagle, Perfume didn't release anything new (and that was almost a year) but then (FINALLY!) they released a new double A-side cd single Fishizen na Girl/ Natural ni Koi Shite. And hell yeah! That's a long time since I really loved soo much a cd single (since Polyrhythm). Both songs are kick ass and I immediately fell in love with them, especially Natural ni Koi Shite.

The first song that got out, was Natural ni Koi Shite that was used for the commercial for Natural Beauty Basic, (I think it's a make up brand for ladies in Japan) that sponsored the Video Clip. I really loooove this PV, it's really different and original from their other PVs. Heres the clip:

Natural ni Koi Shite [PV]

I was so happy when the PV was out, it was really a surprise. The PV was great and the song really catchy! And then I expected that the single would have a b-side like the last few singles that was really boring, but no! Weeks later it was released another PV for another a-side: Fishizen na Girl (translated to Unnatural Girl), and the PV is really good to, but this time with the same traces from what they usually do in their PVs, but it's still great ^^ (at least a lot better then Dream Fighter PV O_o that pv was so simple and it's basically like Computer City PV with a crystal ball effect and crappy orange clothes and not so cool camera views)

Fushizen na Girl [PV]

Here's the single information:
01- Fishizen na Girl
02- Natural ni Koi Shite
03- Fishizen na Girl -instrumental-
04- Natural ni Koi Shite -instrumental-
Fishizen na Girl - Video Clip

You can Buy it from CdJapan:

Or you can Download it from here ;D (you need bitorrent, I recommend uTorrent)

By the way, from natali.mu I discovered that Perfume in the last 12 June, appeared on a CM for Pepsi covering a western song in their style. Try to guess what's the song, it's pretty easy!

Hope you like it and comment!!

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Anónimo disse...

I've been hearing those songs a lot lattely, wonder why *cough*
No complains though :D

Naughty_but_nice disse...

Awesome!! :D

kensico disse...

Cool :D

DuranDuran disse...

I really love Perfume. I didn't know they released this songs. They are soo cool!! I loved them both, but I think I like Natural ni koi shite a little more ;P
Thanks for the post
I want more perfume stuff if possible hehe