25 junho 2010

Perfume Ganbatte!!

(click on the image to see the large version)

Thanks to my friend Luna I was able to learn how to paint a drawing in photoshop. (See her tutorial @youtube -only in portuguese, sorry) Actually this was my 1st and only try at paint anything after I saw the tutorial. I'm so satisfied with it, even if it isn't anything that great (^^;)

So this is a Perfume Parody, focusing on their dresses. For those of you who are used to watching perfume performances know what I'm talking about, those who don't, basically Nocchi wears short shorts, Kashiyuka wears a sexy skirt, and A-chan a long and large dress...poor A-chan ;o; she's not fat, it's just...the costume designer doesn't like her.
A-chan, Ganbatte!!

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

aww I saw the tutorial and it seems really fun to do ^^ I hope I try it someday too :O
Your drawing is really funny loool xD poor A-chan :P

Miss Kin disse...

Nice blog!