19 junho 2010

Kanon -Game- (All Ages version)

Recently I just finished watching Kanon (2006) and I loved it soo much that it turned out to be one of my favorite anime of all time =) which is a surprise for me because I'm not a fan of harem anime at all, but Kanon it's just...different. The relationship between the characters are so innocent and friendly and then we discover a really tragic story behind each girl that we couldn't help but, at least, sympathize with each of them.
But I'll review and post my personal impression about the anime on a later post.

Today I'm here to present you a little jewel that I found yesterday that I thought that was almost impossible to find:

Kanon (Standard Edition) All Ages Version

The game is an oldie, and the character's drawing style isn't a pearl to the eye, but the solid story and the way it could completely involve you compensates.
As you can see in the title of this post, this is the non-hentai version of the game, and the best part is it's fully translated to english by Non Directional Translations.

[Download Kanon Game]

[Download Voices]
(just download from one of the mirror sites)

[Download Translation Patch]
(Download links provided by smukherjee08 from HongFire Forum)

1. Extract the zip files
2. Mount the .iso with Daemon tools and run the setup and let it instal the game to C:\KEY folder
3. Extract the translation file to C:\KEY\KANON_SE_ALL folder, overwriting all
4. Run "realive_patch.exe" and patch the "realive.exe"
5. Extract the voices to c:\KEY\KANON_SE_ALL folder, overwriting all.
6.Put all the files in the \All Ages folder of the translation patch (the 6 SEENxxxx.txt files) to the C:\KEY\KANON_SE_ALL folder.
7. Now run the game by executing the now-patched Reallive.exe
(Instructions by smukherjee08 from HongFire Forum)


(Screenshots from Detarame Anime & Game Blog)

For those who aren't familiar with visual novels, in this type of games you interact with the characters by reading the dialogues and making choices that will determine the course of the history. It's like reading an interactive book where you can choose what i'll happen and see the beautiful artwork along with the japanese voices and beautiful background music. Generally, when you finish the game, you'll end up falling in love with the girl that you interacted the most.

Ok, I'll try not to give away too much about the story so I don't make any major spoiler. So the story begins with you (or the male character that you'll play named Yuichi) returning to the town that you usually visited when you were little, after seven years since the last time that were there. In this city for some reason you remember little to anything but you'll encounter some girls that will help you remember your forgotten past while unveiling the tragic history of each girl, recalling a promise that was made long ago.
With this, you can expect a lot of mysterious moments, a bit of supernatural and lot of drama.

Note: The main male character could be Yuichi or You because you can change his name to yours, so do as you like ;D

Hope you'll like it, have fun and comment!!

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Anónimo disse...

omg!! yay ^^ I loved that anime so much too!
I wanted to play the game, now I can lool ^^ thanks.
Looking forward to your opinion xD

JiniXF disse...

Thanks for the Game. I was so happy to find the non-hentai version ^^ I really wanted to play, but I hate hentai scenes, and If I played the h-version, my eyes would bleed from pain with the sexual scenes ;o; I wouldn't see the girls the same way XD
Keep the good work

Anónimo disse...

I'm sorry but it there any way I might be able to get the realive_patch.exe without a trojan or a way for me to run it as my anti virus keeps removing it.

Anónimo disse...

about the patch, you don't really need to run realive_patch.exe as it is treated as trojan by anti-virus software. just copy and paste everything except realive_patch.exe from the patch folder to the Kanon main directory. It works for me.

Anónimo disse...

Change the links please, megaupload doesn't work anymore