17 janeiro 2010

Welcome Back for me & SAWA

Ok, so this is gonna be a quick post. (I think!)
1st of all...Welcome back for me!! Sorry for my absence, but I needed a little stop from blogging (3 months?! gosh that's a lotta time) because I felt something was lacking...first I thought It was the lack of feedback that I had in most of my posts that maked me lose a little bit of that desire to post my (nerdy) things, but then I realized that it wasn't just that...I forgot the fun this gives to me. So well, now I'm back so I'm hoping you all just comment so I don't forget it again.
(smilie spamming is kinda fun xD)

Just to make this post a little bit interesting here's the new PV from SAWA - Swimming Dancing (strange name hun? get used to it, it's Jmusic!!)

I really like this pv, much more than the song, although I think the song is very interesting. She has a really cool and misterious vibe around her in this pv, which I think is really good, to run away a little from that cuteness cliché (although she's cute anyway). Her voice in this song well...It's OK, I think she have a good voice, but not the best one for this song...well I don't know.
This song was produced by Taku Takahasi, from the hip-hop group m-flo, and as far as I know, he produced amy suzuki - reincarnation song and Rie fu - Romantic song too.

And here's the cd single/mini album from this pv. It's kinda cool, especially some of the remixes, so enjoy ;D

01. Swimming Dancing
02. World-Wide Tea Party
03. Swimming Dancing -RYUKYUDISKO Remix-
04. World-Wide Tea Party -Kentaro Takizawa BIG ROOM Remix-
05. ManyColors -Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix-
06. Stars -Jazzin'park 31 good night Remix-
07. Swimming Dancing -Extended Club Mix-
08. Stars -Jazzin'park 31 good morning Remix-

Next post I'll post some informations and very special downloads. So wait and see ----bye!!

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