06 outubro 2009


mood: *fine, thanks for asking :3*
leastening: ?? - Palette

Check this awesome song:

My friend Luna showed me this song and I instantly loved it. I remember when I was still in the instrumental intro I was thinking someting like "only a shity imature voice could ruin this" but when she starts to sing I was "pretty cool, I approve xD"
It happens that this song is originaly for vocaloid, and this is a cover by some internet girl (if someone knows who is she, please tell me :3), and pretty damn cover I think, one million thousand better that the original voice (=vocaloid).
Unfortunately I only have the original version (with vocaloid voice) that after leastening this cover it feels like it's so...poor in emotion...and the voice so poor =\ but luckily Luna gave me the instrumental version too, that's it's pretty cool to leasten by it self.

here's the song:

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