17 outubro 2009

Kobato (CLAMP)

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Kobato is the new anime based on the original manga from CLAMP (the same authors of Card Captor Sakura, Chobits, X/1999, Tsubasa Chronicles, XXXholic, and other great stuff). If I'm not wrong the studio that is making the anime is madhouse, the same where Card Captor Sakura was made, so I was expecting something with really good quality. I didn't know anything about the story, but I was really curious to see what was about (because it's from CLAMP and I love their work) and I instantly fell in love with the first episode. Kobato (the anime) is such an inocent and really heartwarming anime. I really like how innocent but not childish is the main character and the story itself.

The story begins with a girl that came from the sky (I think?) that go to the human world to fulfill her dream, and to do that, she has to heal scarred hearts and then collected them on a little bottle. Where did she came from? We don't know (but not from the human world). What is her wish? She want's to go somewhere (but we don't know yet where or why she wishes and makes all this effort to do that). So with the innocent and heartwarming feel that we get from the story, we have mistery, and hopefully love and tragedy(?) (It's a CLAMP's work, so I have high expectations for it).

Till now 2 episodes came out and I really loved them. One of the great news that I recieved is that Kobato will have a crossover with the story of another CLAMP work named Wish (as you can see in the picture above), which is one of my favorite mangas from them and I was always sad that any studio didn't grab it and turn into animation. So I'm really really happy!! ='D

Kobato in the left and Kohaku from Wish in the right.

Without the intention of giving more of the story away, in the middle of the first episode Kobato sings a really beautifull song which I HAD to post it. It really filled my heart when I was watching it with my friend (sorry about the cheesyness, but oh well, it was true xD)

Here's a quick translation of the song (tell me if anything's wrong):

The sakuras bloom in the spring
and the infinite summer sky
are brightly printed in my heart.
Even in rainy days with closed windows
the light that overflows from my heart reaches the skies.
Please guide me, oh distant voice.
Like smiles...
like music...
it's the sound of the resonating wind.
If it's happiness or sadness
I will accept it and keep moving.
That's what we hold in our hands

If you want to watch it, go here and download the episodes that will came out:

hope you like it =)

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Nice opening!

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nice opening ^^