05 setembro 2009

Perfume - Dream Fighter (translation)

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Here's my attempt for a perfume song translation. Please don't be to picky if you've mastered japanese. I really like the song (like almost of their songs lol) the lyrics are positive and encouraging.
Don't forger to watch it in HQ ;)

Hope you'll like it and for God sake COMMENT! u___u

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Nuno disse...

For God i comment!!! =P
Great job!!! I've listen lots of times to Dream Fighter not knowing how great the lyrics are. Thanks!!! And good choice in the colour and style of the subtitles, to match Perfume clothes ;)

Nuno disse...

Again, your translation is excelent, i was comparing yours with another i found on youtube and yours really makes sense. Like in the chorus, when the other say it's "Surely we are the dream fighter walking and watching the front" (What?!? =S Shouldn't they be watching the back? Cause we are always watching "the front"... LOL) you make "keep moving forward, be a dream fighter" and this is just an example. Congrats!!!