17 setembro 2009

New Items

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This are the new items that I recently got:

-first the games-
Final Fantasy Dissidia - Limited Collector's Edition (psp)
Jeanne D'Arc (psp)

Dissidia has a very cool box with lot's of great thing inside like a mini sound track, artbook, Miniguide with tips and tutorials for the game and 2 exclusive lithographs.

This time, this is a fighting title rather than a RPG feat. various character from Final Fantasy I (Nintendo) to Final fantasy X (playstation 2). I just tried a little bit and it's a really good game with very good graphics. It has a lot of menus that (I believe) that it will take some time till I master those menus.
This will be my next game to play, but for now I'll end Mana Khemia =)

By the way, here's the little OST selection that came with the game, it has 6 tracks and I really like the first 3, especially [Cosmos].

01. Dissidia -opening-
02. Keeping the Peace
03. Cosmos
04. Main Theme -arrange-
05. Battle with the Four Fiends -arrange-
06. Battle at the Big Bridge - arrange-

Jeanne D'Arc, it's an RPG game based on the well-known story with the same name, but of course with a lot of differences in japanese style like transformations to shining armors, devious demons and other surprises.
The graphics are very good and although I'm not a big fan of that type of battle system (like Final Fantasy Tactics) when I played it for a bit to try it out, I really liked it!! =D
A friend of mine told me that the game was discontinued after it's release and the only way that I got it was online. It's a shame, because it's a very good game full of animated scenes, like watching an anime.

Here's the trailer of the game:

-now the mangas-

CLOVER by Clamp

This release is soo perfect. All four volume and full coloured pictures from the artbook in one book. The rest I'll review it later in another post.

Vampire Knight
I really like the drawings and the story seems very good. I only read the first chapter so I can't review it rignt now. I'll make it in another post ;)

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Já comprei o Clover hehe, agora falta o Vampire Knight. Vou comprar o Vol.1