24 setembro 2009

Alan - Voice of Earth

leastening: Alan - Together

I'm currently in love with one singer - Alan. I remember last year I leasten one song from her, but I didn't care much (maybe because was a ballad and I wasn't in the mood?).
Two Days ago I saw her album and gave it a try to RED CLIFF ~Shin.Sen~ and Ashita he no Sanka and instantly fell in love with her voice and especially her "Tibetan wail" singing technique. I believe that only a great voice can sing like this and most of the J-pop queens don't have the voice for that. (I could be wrong, if so, I'm sorry =P)

Album: Voice of Earth
Artist: Alan
Genre: Ballad, Pop, Tibetan and other oriental influences
Year: 2009
01. Tennyo ~interlude~
02. Ashita he no Sanka [preview] [pv LQ]
03. Sora Uta [pv]
04. Natsukashii Mirai ~longing future~
05. Hitotsu
06. Kaze no Tegami [pv]
08. Yume no Garden
09. Gunjou no Tani [pv]
10. my friend
11. Liberty
12. Tsuki ga Watashi
13. RED CLIFF ~Shin.Sen~ [pv]
14. Megumi no Ame
15. Together [preview]

All the tracks have an oriental vibe on it with that tibetian touch which is great. Some are ballads (great ballads, and I'm not that great fan of ballads lol) and some more upbeat, but they're all very good, although I have to leasten more carefully to some of them. Most of the songs are related to an element from mother nature, like Sora Uta that is related to the Sky, RED CLIFF to fire, Kaze no Tegami to the Wind and so on. That's why the name of the album: Voice of Earth.

My favorite tracks are:
Together, Ashita he no Sanka, RED CLIFF ~Shin.Sen~ and maybe Sora Uta too. The rest of them I like but I have to give it a proper leasten.

If you're in the mood to read a lot, read this great review from the album by Amai Wana.

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Good luck for the new semester!
OMG! I just love Alan.. wonderful. :3