19 setembro 2009

Aira Mitsuki - Plastic

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Here's the second album from Aira Mitsuki - Plastic.

Artist: Aira Mitsuki
Album: Plastic
Realease: 2009
Genre: Electro-pop
01. Robot Honey [preview]
02. Summeeeeeeeer set (feat.AYUSE KOZUE) [preview]
03. Niihaigaru
04. BAD trip (feat.Terukado) [preview]
06. HiGH SD [preview]
07. distant STARS
08. Plastic doll [preview]
09. sapuri
10. Summer Candy
11. Time is (feat.Shigeo (SBK/the samos))
12. Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS [preview]
14. Re:†

Remix CD
01. BARBiE BARBiE -80kidz rmx
02. Summeeeeeeeer set (feat. AYUSE KOZUE) -Terukado rmx
03. HiGH SD -Yuki Saito rmx
04. Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS -Traks Boys rmx [preview]
05. Swallowtail D.A.N.C.E. -Cherryboy function rmx
06. China Discotica -Substance rmx [preview]
07. Robot Honey -Sound Around rmx
08. Happiness land -I Am Robot and Proud rmx [preview]

Extra Track
01. Spring Sky [preview]

This album came a little after the release of 3rd perfume album and although I'm a big perfume fan, I think I listen Aira's Mitsuki album a lot more that Perfume. Not that I think that this one is better, but in perfume album, I already knew half of the songs, and the new ones didn't strike me like their previous album GAME. And with Aira's album was all new to me (because I didn't pay much attention to her before...and her 1st album has a little...uninteresting in my opinion) but this one is really kick ass, at least in 85% of the songs. ;D If I would compare this album with Perfume Triangle album, I would say that this album is a little more agressive in the electronic genre than perfume album, that it's more pop-dance-comercial.
My favorite tracks are Sumeeeeeeer set and Robot Honey.

Note: I'm not saying that Aira is better than Perfume! I'm a big Perfume fan soo Peace! (Perfume rulez!! xD)

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SpaceGirl disse...

Good post! You'r right, this is a much more aggressive electo pop. But you have an excellent taste. Ho! New semester? What course?


Usagi-kun disse...

Thanks for the post and the compliment =)
I'm in nutrition, in my 3rd year right now, thanks for asking ^^
hope to see you again in here