20 julho 2009

Umineko no Nako Koro Ni (Anime)


My first double post in one day, yey \o/
So I kinda have to study, but I got totally hooked up on Umineko no Nako Koro Ni (When the Seagulls Cry). Unfortanly it's still airing in japan, so I have to wait every week for a new episode ;_;

The head of the milionar Ushiromiya family has only 3 months to live, so the whole family gathers at his private island to the anual family meet and of course to discuss how the assests will be divided. There's a story around how the head of the family was able to rise that empire all by himself: A witch named Beatrice gave him tons of gold, that he could joy while he lived.
Meanwhile, is given to a little girl a misterious letter that she says that was given by the witch Beatrice. The letter says that now the head of the family is dying, she will retrieve what she gave to him and what he earned. In that night, six persons disappeared and then found completely mutilated and disfigurated as a sign of the initiation of the Witch recolection. The Witch epitoph writen on a paiting says that in each night somebody will die. There is 19 persons on the island. Is this the work of the witch, or is someone of the 19 persons on the island that it's doing this massacre to take all the money with him?

I really like how this is getting really dark, mysterious, and interesting right in the beginning. I really loved the brutality of the deaths (only on 2nd episode) and the drama about it ;__; (attention!! I'm not a gore fan...not at all!! xD but It was dramatic, and I liked it xD)

Untill now, there's three episodes to watch, so have fun:

have fun ;D

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