20 julho 2009

Perfume - ⊿ (Triangle)

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01. Take off
02. love the world [watch promotional video]
03. Dream Fighter [watch promotional video]
04. edge(⊿-mix) [listen]
05. NIGHT FLIGHT [listen]
06. Kiss and Music [listen]
07. Zero Gravity [listen]
08. I still love U [watch special video]
09. The best thing [listen]
10. Speed of Sound [listen]
11. OneRoom ・Disco [watch promotional video]
12. Negai (Album-mix) [listen]

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This was one of the most expected albums for me. I really loved their previous album GAME and I really had high expectations for this one. Like the first album and the latest perfume releases, it got 1st place on ORICON charts, and I'm really happy for them.

Perfume began in 2002, when they were 12 years old in hiroshima and then moved to Tokyo, were they began to work with Yasutaka Nakata (from Capsule). Their style always was labeled as electro/tecno-pop, but in the beginning their sound was a little more childish and in 8-bit style (like those gameboy or NES game sounds). In 2005 they released their 1st Major single, Linear Motor girl. Two further singles, "Computer City" and "Electro World", saw the group christening themselves as a "near future technopop unit" with a mature and cooler vibe around them. Until this, Perfume endure years with low sales and small self promotions, Until 2008 when they released Polyrhythm, that was the song feat. on the NHK Recycle campaign that reached the 8th posistion on charts, the first time Perfume got into TOP10 (6 years after they were in the music industry). After this, they appeared in many TV shows and live concerts with other artist and then they began their ascending career. After the release of "Baby cruising love" (that reached 3rd place of charts), they released "Love the World", that reached 1st place. This was an important mark in the history of tecno music, because that was the 1st time in 25 years that a tecno-unit reached 1st place on charts, something that revolutionated the japanese music industry, something that we can see by the crescent numeber of singer and groups that are formed based on perfume style (like Aira Mitsuki, Ami Suzuki, MEG and others).

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BlackCheremy disse...

Yessss I was really looking forward to ⊿ too!

I felt kinda let down by it at first, compared to GAME, but after a few listens I've grown to really love it. The new edge is MADNESS!

Your blog is awesome, (very nice loooking!!!) and cool to ssee a fellow Nakata-fan. :P

Thanks for the kind words on my blog, and for showing me yours! I'm gonna snatch up the COLTEMÖNIKHA EPs.. I've still yet to hear those, so thank you!

Usagi-kun disse...

Thanks, I felt the same way about the album, but now I love it, and this version of edge is without a doubt my favorite track on this album ^^
Thanks for the comment to, I'll be passing by in your blog always I can.