23 julho 2009

Japan Street Fashion

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One of the things that I like about Japanese people and culture, is that they have the most curious and freakish trends, likes or fetish and they don’t hide it, they grab in all that and make a big business, so people can enjoy it. Today I'll post about japanese fashion street. Some are kind of shocking, some really cute, but all a little different from what we would ever see normally in our streets.
I’m not interested in fashion or anything like that, but it’s interesting seeing how they wear thing completely different from ours. I really like it. I support people that likes to show their individuality.


Fashion related to the Victorian era. Frills, lace, petticoats and half-dresses are common elements. Like the look of Victorian porcelain dolls. This is related to the concept of kawaii: concept of pure, pretty, lovely or cuteness which can be related to a desire to return to a more innocent past time. This way they deliberately look cute to the point of looking childish. This trend has a lot of substyles, but the most well known is Gothic Lolita.

Gothic Lolita


Gothic Lolita or Gothloli's name and origin is a combination of lolita fashion—the same Victorian dress style with frills, lace and other stuff mixed with styles found within gothic fashion. They just don’t wear all black clothes, they combine it with other color, although the main color is black.
I really like this style, is sooo cute, and it’s the most famous among non oriental girls. They really look like dolls ^^


Ganguro or ‘black-face’ uses a deep (and sometimes extremely exaggerated) tan combined with dyed hair in shades of orange to blonde, or a silver grey. Brightly-coloured outfits, tie-dyed sarongs, miniskirts, stickers on the face, and lots of bracelets, rings, and necklaces are also typical of ganguro fashion.
This one is a little creepy if they go to the extreme of it, it makes them look more…older O__o the idea is to look like Californian girls, but with the ‘special touch’

School Uniform

Generally japanese girls are associated with the japanese school uniform, and that's not far from the true. Many girls outside school wears it, because it's more convenient or it looks good on them. Many womans that reaches her 20s or 25, wears sometimes school uniforms so they can look younger and/or sexy, and this uniforms are a big ‘fetish’ (sexual or not) in japan.
Personally I really like girls with those Japanese school uniforms, it’s kinda cute ;D

Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku is not the name of this trend, but the place where most of this japanese teenagers gathers. In here, the style is very unique from person to person. Is like a mix of everything. You can see cute, punk and extravagant things put together. This is a way of showing each individuality and play with the image.
I really like different, and some of them really wears cool things, but other ones are just scary =S

Visual Kei

Visual Kei was founded by japanese rock bands in the 80's. The Style is characterized by the use of eccentric and extravagant looks. Ok there's no difference in this description from another styles shown here lol but in this case, the style is more agressive and one of the particularities is the androgynous look. The style is a mix of glam-rock, punk, metal and other stuff.

And that's it for this post. This gave me a loooooot of work, but I hope it's fun and/or interesting for you to read ^^ If you now about other styles, trends or funny japanese fetish, just tell me and I'll reserch about it and post it.

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carla disse...

Vê se ficas bom para irmos os dois vestidos de lotita com os nossos saltes de cristal pro bairro alte! xD no gozo! xD

Quando eu for grande vou vestir-me de Gothic lolita e ser uma doidivanas xD lolol *me pisca o olhe*

Wny_ningyou disse...

Nice post
I also love japan <3