14 julho 2009

Draw with me <3

mood: *kinda relaxed by now*
leastening: Kato Miliyah - Ring (cd album)

I was making another post, but blogger sometimes gets a little difficult to work on, and the text was constantly being all messed up, and then I gave up, so I decided to make a shorter and simple post.

Some weeks ago I saw a really touching anime style video, made by Mike Inel that I would love to share with you:

Note this is really one person made, not by a company, or whatever, but still, it looks soo pro!
It's really a beautiful and touching video. It's sad, but I really like it, although It makes me wanna cry (although I never did it xD but oh well).

By the way, the song is Cherish by Ai Otsuka if you want the song, here's a link ;D

And talking about Ai Otsuka, the other day I saw a PV (promotional video) by her, totally crazy!!! xD I loved the crazyness and randomness on in.

I really love the pink dress guy dancing <3
(is it me, or in 00:50 it look like a vagina ?! O_o)

The song is CHU-LIP (in Japan, 'chu' is the sound of a kiss) and if you want it too, just download it: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D8AHRA5A
it's a fun song ;)

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