02 julho 2009

Dragonica Online

leastening: my friend karura_ on tha phone xD

When I finished my last post, I saw an ad in the blogger about a new RPG Online, Dragonica, and I thought "hum, cute image" and decided to check on it.
After downloaded and instaled the game I really enjoyed the gameplay and the graphics (they're so cute that it hurts xD).

Here's some screenshots:

As I said, the graphics are very cute, and well done. The maps very beautiful and the gameplay very fluid and addictive, and although all the graphics are in 3D, the action in battles are something like 2D, or the old Beat 'em up games. Plus, you have another mode, where you can get as many jewels you can on a plataform like game.

I really recomend this game for those who like this type of games. If you ever get to play in there, I'm LeafeArche in the game, so talk to me ;D

Here's a video so you can get a better picture from what it's like:

For more information and/or game download go to the official website:

Any questions, just leave a comment and I'll reply =)
Have fun!! \(^0^)/

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