05 julho 2009



COLTEMÖNIKHA is (or was?) a collaboration between Yasutaka Nakata and Kate Sakai. Yasutaka Nakata is well known by his group Capsule (along with the vocalist Toshiko Koshijima) and by being the producer/composer of all Perfume songs. He works right now with other artists like MEG and Amy Suzuki and has his own Label - CONTEMODE. Kate Sakai designs clothes and has her own brand: COLKINIKHA (and who though she had a great voice?).

And why COLTEMÖNIKHA? Well, for those who's wondering what it means, well, it means nothing, but its CONTEMODE (Yasutaka Nakata Label) and COLKINIKHA (Kate Sakai clothe brand) put together.
With this, its was formed a fashion/electro unit with some cool songs, some cute songs, and some other songs mixed with another styles, but always with the electro touch that defines Yasutaka. Untill now they released 2 mini album that I'll put for download for you all to leastening =) (I hope that I don't get in trouble for that (''´~`) )

1st Mini Album - COLTEMÖNIKHA

01 - Fantastic Fantasy [preview]
02 - そらとぶひかり [preview]
03 - Communication [preview]
04 - CLM
05 - パーティーキャロネイド
06 - Yum yum yummy
07 - アリクイワルツ [preview]

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2nd Mini Album - COLTEMÖNIKHA 2

01. preparation
02. domino [preview]
03. darkness rabbit
04. カニモテルコ
05. SLEEPING girl [preview]
06. Scene Killer [preview]
07. NAMAIKI [preview]
08. NAMAIKI (extended mix)

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Hope you all like it ;)
And finally I got the chance to make a decent Jmusic post =D

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