08 julho 2009

Anime Recommendations [part1]

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This will be one of many posts where I'll recommend some anime that I loved to watch for different reasons and I'll show them to you so you can see new cool anime or comment if you already saw.

Here's two japanese animations that I saw some time ago and loved it.

Name: Mai Hime/ My-Hime
Year: 2004
Episodes: 26
Genre: Mature Magical Girl, Action, Drama, Romance
Age Rating: Older Teenagers (heavy drama)

Mai Tokiha and her sickly brother Takumi recieved a scholarship to be transfered to the prestigious Fuuka Academy. On the way, the ferry where they were traveling turned into a battlefield between two girls with superpowers and while trying to escape, Mai learned that she has special powers too. The blue hair girl, who was preying the other girl, when realized that Mai had powers to, warned her to stay away from Fuuka Academy or she will die.

(select the text below if you want to read it)
In Fuuka Academy Mai learns that she's a HIME, and she's not the only one in the academy. She's told that she was callen to fight Orphan, but is that really the true propose for her and other Hime to be in that academy? While the other Hime are
discovered, their destiny is uncover and the true battle begins. Fight! if they lose, the most important thing in their live is lost forever. But in the end, only one HIME must stand alive.
What i'll they chose? Fight and protect what's more important in their lives, or refuse to fight and lose what they love the most? Sacrifice a dear friend loved one to protect her own? And if the important thing is shared by both HIMEs and it's meant to die?
"Fuuka Academy - The golden cage of 12 Princesses that aren't allowed to love"

Watch the 1st episode (the episode is divided in 3, so the 3 links above):

Name: Mahoromatic ~automatic maiden
Year: 2001
Episodes: Season 1 - 12 episodes; Season 2 - 13 episodes
Genre: Ecchi (Perverted) Comedy, Sci-fi, Action, Drama, Romance
Age Rating: Older Teenagers

Mahoro is an android created by VESPER, an highly secret organization, to fight an alien invasion by Saint. Being an android, she has a limited life span, having just 398 remaining days to live, and VESPER gives her the choice to do anything she wants. She chooses to become a maid for Suguru Misato, and why? Because she was forced to kill his father who was her superior commander, when he was took hostage by an alien that was bersek. And this way was the least she could do to make up for it.
While living with Suguru, Mahoro and Suguru live the happier days of their live along with their friends and their (extremely perverted) teacher, although Suguru doesn't know that she killed her father.

What'll happen if Suguru knows who killed is father, his only family? Will she be forgiven before she dies?

This is a extremely recomended anime, I really laught my ass off and really love the action sequences (although there isn't that much), and the growing and innocent relationship between Mahoro and Suguru and their friend is so, warming =3
Their teatcher is one of my personal favorite characters of all time, it's one of the most, if not the most, perverted and funny woman that was ever made. xD
And the ending is totally unexpected!! o_o

Watch the Mahoromatic:
Whach the rest of the episodes in here:

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