18 junho 2009

Totally Random AMV

listening: Perfume - Dream Fighter

For those who aren't familiar with anime (geek) culture, AMV stands for:
Anime Music Video.
The other day I tried to make another AMV, and it's the 3rd one that I make, so don't expect a pro video, but well, I tried.

so check it out:

Yeah, I know, the song is soo crappy and childish xD But I was kinda in the mood for doing something crazy and funny, and well...it was fun doing it =P

This doesn't have a story line or does it have a special guide line, I just felt like puting what I want to put but in a way that it would fit in the rhythm of the song, so that's why the title "Totally Random AMV"

Hope you like it =P

1 comentário:

Chico disse...

"don't expect a pro video, but well, I tried" Estás a gozar, certo? =P

Cesta de Frutas é que era xD (kidding LOL)