24 junho 2009

Pretty Face (Manga)

leastening: Persona (psp game OP) - Dream of Butterfly

For a good laugh I totally recomend this:

Name: Pretty Face
Nr. Volumes: 6
Story & Art: Yasuhiro Kano
Genre: Love Comedy, Perverted Comedy, School, Romance, Sex Change
Published by: Viz Media

Story Plot:
Masahi Rando awakes from a coma to learn that he was involved in a fiery bus crash, but the surgeon was able to reconstruct his face from the photograph in his pocket. Unfortunately, the photograph was of Rando's unrequited crush Rina Kurimi. While trying to get a correct photograph, he runs into Rina and is mistaken for her missing identical twin, Yuna.

If you want to give it a try, click in the link below to read the manga:

Or you can buy it like I did =P
Oh, and by the way, let's love Maki! >>>>>>> Maki<3

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