20 junho 2009

Games That I really Want to Play

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Eternal Sonata (Ps3)

This game seems so cute! And I love the character design, very beautiful. And the battle system seems really enjoable and well done. This was the only reason why I wanted a ps3, but then, I saw this:

Final Fantasy XIII (Ps3):~

Omfg!! This seems soo EPIC, I almost cr*p my pants while seeing this. And I can't say anything more, it's just perfect, but let's see when I get the chance to play it.

And by the way, right now I don't have ps3, so I have 2 options:
- Steal my brother's ps3
- Steal my brother's ps3
I think I'll get over this dilemma soon enough

oh and 5 star for this totally random and uninteresting post =D

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Chico disse...

E quem não tem irmãos (tipo eu...)? xD