30 abril 2009

Be beautiful like a Japanese Girl

Listening: Royksopp - The Girl and the Robot

Watch the new trend in nails:

I just have one word for this: WHATAHELL?!
If I were a girl, and wear a thing like that, I:
1- Wouldn't be able to pick my nose (altough girls don't do that...*rollseye*)
2- Would sweat with that weight in nails
3- Would ask someone to wipe my ass after a little girlish poop (sorry... it's what came to my mind when I saw it)

Actually, it wasn't a real new for me, I already saw it on famous Jpop singers, like Ayumi Hamasaki, but not like this O_o it looks really heavy and...exaggerated!! And it's for daily use, for normal girls...gosh!!

When my friend Karura_ showed me this vid, I remembered other video that was shown to me some time ago, demonstrating how Asian girls make up to look pretty, but not just ordinary make up, they do thing that turn them almost from this into this. (hum ok, this is a little to far xD but you get tha point)

This really IS something! I have to agree that asian girls are way ahead of western girls. If I were japanese, I would be afraid to wake up and see a really ungly face or even a man's face!!

But what really came to me, was the circle lenses that they use to wide their little eyes, really liked the emphasis that they do, but...then I realized that my once beautiful eyed woman that I really liked uses them!! ;_; And I thought that her eyes had something different...it was like "Santa's don't exist"...(nooooooo!! )

But well, for Leah Dizon, even thought she's american, she's now a living in Japan as a singer and idol, so I think it's normal for her to adapt her image to what japanese guys and girls like.

In addiction, Japan is one of the countries that more spends money in make up, and other acessories just to be fashionable, but I think I'll make another post about that. (just to make the blog a little more interesting, huh?)

Just to finish this post, let's make an "Oprah Act" and help a little girl named Maki, that just wants to be beautiful like Japanese girls.
I love those eyes =')

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