30 abril 2009

Golden LUV (raven feat. Goto Maki)

I'm totally hooked up in this song. For those who don't know, Goto Maki is a former H!P, morning musume and later solo artist, that recently moved to one of the biggest japanese label - Avex. And thank Godness! She ended her crappy jpop singer career to a more cool and stylish image and music style (although I don't like her 1st single xD but love the new song "with..." [click to see the pv].

But anywaysss...this is a little colaboration that she made to promote her arrivel to avex, and hell that's a kick ass song =D

here's a live performance from her, singing this song:

And here is a little exemple of the crapy songs that the poor little(?) think had to sing when she was in H!P: (be afraid >_>)

(sorry if my english is really bad, but i'm trying ò_ó so please don't hit me)

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